November 2016

Pie Warmers

25 Nov , 2016 Catering Equipment

Commercial pie warmers Our recommendations: We carry high capacity pie warmers for commercial establishments.  We also have pie warmers that can keep any baked goods warm. We have equipment that is suitable for keeping warm and displaying at the same time, so if you’re running a takeaway shop or café, we’ve got you covered. And of course […]

Kebab Machines

11 Nov , 2016 Catering Equipment

Doner Kebab Machine Our recommended supplier Petra Equipment is now selling the F.E.D range of kebab machines and kebab slicers. They hold the stock for electric kebab machine and gas kebab machine. Don’t forget to get a kebab slicer to cut the meat. We recommend the standard size of 4 burners to 5 burners. Don’t […]

Commercial Dishwashers

9 Nov , 2016 Catering Equipment

Intro: The difference between a commercial and domestic dishwashers come from the washing cycle speed and quality of washing. The cost of running a commercial dishwashers is not necessary higher than a domestic one because it only last 1 to 2 minutes while a domestic dishwasher is often set for 45 minutes. Brands: During your […]

Aquarium Plants

7 Nov , 2016 Aquarium

Find out where to buy aquarium plants in Australia through our new review! We went online and we found a good reseller Exo Aquaristic that sell both Bucephalandra and Moss plants. They are ideal for the aquascape. We recommend you to have a look today on their website.