Robot Cook price in Australia

Robot Cook price in Australia

Prices may vary depending on the location, major shop dealer like Petra Equipment will sell for less than$4,200 +GST to customer while some other shop based in Perth will often be in the range of $4,350.  The Robot Cook has been designed for emulsifying, blending and mixing. This new food processor / cook come with 2 years warranty.

Rational XS and SCC 5S

New range of Rational oven

Yes finally, Rational is back with a new design of combi ovens including a new in the Self Cooking Center family, the Rational XS 623.

compactMaximum Power on minimal space

Discover the new SelfCookingCenter® XS, the new compact Rational oven with high performance fresh steam generator. This model is only 655mm width and 555mm deep. You might browse the new series and you will see that the new Rational SCC5S101 is quite sick as well, very nice design and great performance.

The Rational SCC X5 101 power is 20.2kW and is available in Gas version.

Silver Chef Dealers in Sydney

silver-chef-1Silver Chef Dealer

Silver Chef is a unique solution for funding your equipment without using your own capital. Silver Chef rental preserve your cash flow, you can upgrade your catering equipment once your business get busier and you can use the RENT TRY BUY option to purchase your equipment on rent at anytime during the year.

Once you decide to purchase you will receive 75% rental rebate. The best Silver Chef Dealer in Sydney is Petra Equipment. Find out more about commercial deep fryers and commercial refrigerators.

Skope Fridges

Skope fridgeIntroduction

Petra Equipment is now selling the new range of Skope Fridges including upright fridges such as the standard Skope BC074 and Double door drige such as the Skope TME1000.

Skope additionally provide custom made solutions for custom fridges and freezers.

What are the benefits of choosing Skope Fridges and Freezers?

1. The brand itself

The brand has created a name for itself for being in the business for more than 45 years, and for being run by a family. They have had their ups and downs; they have been through the experimental stage, which means they are already honed in creating refrigerators. They actually know what they are doing and the innovations they have to add to retain their market.

2. They care for the environment

We all know that in all things that technology brings us, there is almost always a trade. In most cases, that trade involves a piece of our environment. With all the chemicals and greenhouse gasses added to technology, we are truly hurting mother nature. Now the only viable solution at the moment is to build sustainable materials. Skope practices methods of safer refrigeration and cutting back on waste.

3. Saves Energy

Their products are guaranteed energy efficient. They develop innovative ways to provide powerful motors for their fridges that also reduces energy consumption. The performances of their products do not suffer in their efforts to reach maximum energy efficiency.

4. They provide customized solutions

Refrigerators and freezers are not limited at home. Commercial establishments and restaurants need them more to provide consumers high-quality products. So how can you benefit from choosing Skope for your business solutions? They can create the kind of refrigeration that is tailored-fit to the needs of your establishment.

5. Designs and Ingenuity

In most cases, we always want form and function combined. We want our products to work and serve its purpose but we want it to look good as they function. Skope’s fridge designs are all aesthetically pleasing and made from state-of-the-art technology. It is something that you cannot just buy from anywhere else. It is the challenge that they have to work on all the time to be able to keep up with the demands of the market.

These 5 benefits are something that only Skope can give you. These are the reasons why Skope is the right choice for you, for your business.


Pie Warmers

Commercial pie warmers

Our recommendations: We carry high capacity pie warmers for commercial establishments.  We also have pie warmers that can keep any baked goods warm. We have equipment that is suitable for keeping warm and displaying at the same time, so if you’re running a takeaway shop or café, we’ve got you covered. And of course you’re not limited to pies; these cabinets can easily display cinnamon buns, donuts, or anything else you’d like to keep warm and fresh.  Many of them have glass sides and are lit from inside, which will create impulse sales.

Kebab Machines

Doner Kebab Machine

Our recommended supplier Petra Equipment is now selling the F.E.D range of kebab machines and kebab slicers. They hold the stock for electric kebab machine and gas kebab machine. Don’t forget to get a kebab slicer to cut the meat. We recommend the standard size of 4 burners to 5 burners.

Don’t forget, they provide kebab fit out as well and restaurant design.

Commercial Dishwashers


The difference between a commercial and domestic dishwashers come from the washing cycle speed and quality of washing. The cost of running a commercial dishwashers is not necessary higher than a domestic one because it only last 1 to 2 minutes while a domestic dishwasher is often set for 45 minutes.


During your searches, you will find 6 to 7 commercial dishwashers brands and they all have their own characteristics. By 25 years experiences, we simply recommend the glasswasher Glassmate and washtech XU undercounter dishwasher.

Centrifuge Supplier

Centrifuge equipment is made for high skilled chefs willing to optimize their meal texture. To be able to use this kind of equipment, you will need a lot of practice and testing.

What is a centrifuge?

Centrifuges are used to separate food into layers by density rate between denser and less dense components. Experienced chefs used centrifuge to separate some part of an ingredient to improve the taste by keeping the most dense taste layer.

Countries where it is the most used

Centrifuges are mostly used in France and East side of USA, where the amount of high ranked cooking schools are based. Find out more about our other commercial kitchen equipment.


Robot Coupe review

robot-coupeRobot Coupe review

They are over 15 different Robot Coupe food processors including the blixer range, mixers, stick blenders and blenders. What make the Robot Coupe above the competition is the material used for fabrication. This brand used in a commercial environment with heavy duty usage and high volume of food processed.

Taste Australia’s Strong Coffee With A Cup Of Joe’s

Feel The Real Power With A Cup Of Joe’s

Starting the day without Coffee Mongrel Joe would be just like Popeye without having his spinach.. Due to the high caffeine content, a delightful cup of Mongrel Joe, a strong coffee Australia will give you the strength to function during the long day without any fatigue. After an unforgettable sip of Mongrel, you will be able to increase your performance immediately – whether you are in gym, in uni or at the office.

Robot Coupe Julienne Blades

waffle-150x150Robot Coupe Julienne Blades

Robot Coupe is selling a variety of Julienne Blades including standard 8mm and 4mm slicers. Note that the CL50 gourmet use another model of each slicers.

For the most popular slicers, they are available in 3 models for the R301 Series, CL50 and CL50 gourmet.

You additionally find more information about the Robot Coupe cl50 on this website and find the Robot Coupe cl50 manual.

Complete Restaurant fit out in Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne

restaurant_shop_fittings_sydneyComplete Restaurant Fit Out

We recommend Petra Equipment to complete your full restaurant fit out in Australia. They have over 25 years experience and can provide advice and you can get access for free to their library. Free consultancy available when you contact them prior June 2017.

You might be interested in reading more about our different shop fittings solutions on our Petra Group website.

Restaurant supplies online

The hospitality company is additionally selling restaurant supplies online from glassware to cutlery. Depending on the nature of the request, we might give an extra discount for large orders or for recurrent customers. Website was designed by DMS with Magento CMS.

We sell different range of glassware: