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Arkham horror game

18 Oct , 2016 Toys & Board games

Game review Prior the second world war, the streets are run by the mob and dictated by alcohol and weapon trade on the black market. Lead one of the investigators to block one of the eight Ancient Ones to come into our world. Today, Arkham horror has been trading over 20 years through different version. […]

Paw Patrol Toys

18 Oct , 2016 Toys & Board games

Toddlers Toys has now the extended range of Paw Patrol Toys online including the new Zoomer Marshall, an interactive dog that dance and move around. Christmas is coming soon and we invite you to get ready for this season. We additionally invite you to visit our review website called ToysHub, they have a new range […]

Barbie Toys

21 Sep , 2016 Toys & Board games

Barbie Toys There is so many Barbie Dolls. Now it is time to rank the top 3 Barbie Dolls. #1 is the Barbie Blonde Beach Doll and the number 2 is Barbie Fashionatas and last one is Barbie Long Gown Doll. Barbie dolls are part of the Mattel Group – a US company operating in […]