Let’s Go Overseas With Ticket To Ride: Rails And Sails!

Join The Fantastic Journey Across The Globe With Ticket To Ride: Rails And Sails!


Ticket to Ride: Rails & Sails commences with divided card decks of trains and ships. Three cards of each type are shown at the beginning of the game. When you draw cards, you can swap them with a card from another deck you decide.

At the beginning of the game, the players can pick their own combination of train and ship tokens. To claim a train route the player must play train cards and cover those spaces with train tokens. When you want to claim a ship route, you must play ship cards and cover those spaces with ship tokens. Ship cards illustrate one or two ships on them, and when you play a two sided-ship card, you can cover either one or two ship spaces. You can take an action during play to exchange train tokens for ships, and you lose a point for each token you trade.

Arkham horror game

Game review

Prior the second world war, the streets are run by the mob and dictated by alcohol and weapon trade on the black market. Lead one of the investigators to block one of the eight Ancient Ones to come into our world.

Today, Arkham horror has been trading over 20 years through different version.

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