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24 Jul , 2017 Catering Equipment

fast food can be considered disgusting, unhealthy, greasy, and repulsive by many, but even in this tough economy, they are definitely still prosperous. The greatest thing about the places with drive-thrus is that it’s an easy meal solution if you are running out of time, great for the last minute lunches. More than the quality of food, people tend to like the taste. Greasy, cheesy burgers are delicious, just admit it. There are many reasons why fast food chains are pumping up their game and staying afloat during these times of recession.

1. Fast food
chains are beginning to offer more healthy meal solutions. I’m sure you’ve  noticed the veggie burgers at Burger King, the salad selection at Wendy’s, and the Fresco tacos at Taco Bell. Are they really that much healthier? Who knows, but it’s no joke, fast food chains worldwide are  making an effort to have a larger selection for vegetarians and growing,
healthy children.

2. Fast food restaurants are trying to create
favorable indoor dining facilities. Have you seen some of these new McDonalds? Frankly, the walls of plasma TVs are a little much, but these places are making a huge effort to make eating fast food more pleasurable, more comfortable for families, and overall, less embarrassing.

3. Popular chains are marketing themselves a lot
better than in the past. I see a lot of competition when it comes to fast food, and I think each place is handling the pressure very well. When you look for the right equipment and you based in NSW, you will have to search for a reputable  catering equipment Sydney supplier.

The  images of the fast food chain setting full of colors, with big pictures
of Burger and fries, and the soda counters where you can fill all you
can drink are so appealing, you should look for the top brand for commercial deep fryers or contact industry leaders like Paul Ayyash. But being health wary, and knowing about all the unhealthy stuff that is wrapped in their meals, we cannot but ask ourselves where does that appeal come from? Why is it that we feel the need to indulge in eating that zero benefit, all fat meal that has disastrous effects both on our health, body and morale?

While  thinking about that, I came across the fact that children adore these fast food chains. Everything is done there to attract families, and children ask to go there, both because there are playgrounds where they can play all they want, because they get their meal in nice flashy boxes, and because they get that extra toy with every meal. They even become collectors of these cheap 10 cents items, and sometimes just for the sake of getting that extra item that is missing in their collection, they make the whole family go to a fast food chain. You can see more information at

Parents want their kids to be happy and entertained. Their choices are dictated by those of their children. The children choices are in turn dictated by their attraction towards places where there are playgrounds, and where they give them extra stuff, even if that stuff only costs 10 cents for the piece, even if these same places sell crap for 10 dollars a piece, and most importantly even if they load you with fat and long term health problems and diseases.

So, the answer is there. No wonder if we crave these fast food chains as adults. We have grown up as children with pleasurable feelings towards these places. No wonder that we like these salty fries, we have come to accept them as the standard of good fries from our young age.With this in mind, our reaction today should be not only to fight the craving feelings we have towards eating a big burger accompanied with crispy fries, it should be to instill in our children some good sense about eating good stuff and not eating bad stuff. We should from now on educate our kids to know what is good for them and what is not. We shouldn’t allow these fast food chains to buy our children with 10 cents for their life to come, like they bought us years ago.Here is an example of a food chain: phytoplankton to copepod to fish to squid to seal to orca. They all have a strong professional logo design.

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