Introduction to Radiant Chicken Rotisserie

11 Sep , 2017 Catering Equipment

Radiant is one of the most recommended chicken rotisserie manufacturer in Australia.

We at Radiant are proud of what we do and have achieved. We believe we have the best rotisserie on the market, producing the best tasting, plump, juiciest and more flavoursome roasts of all. The Radiant cooked chooks also shrink less than any other, are still succulent when micro waved days later and far heavier after cooking than any other cooking method. We also keep setting new standards that are so high – others are unable to match them, no matter how hard they try, or how much money, time and effort they throw at developing their products. We have been manufacturing Radiant chicken rotisseries since 1993 and some of those original models/prototypes are still out there working 24/7 and not missing a beat.

To get a feel of where we’re heading, check out our new website. We’re creating levels of customer support no other manufacturer or reseller has ever attempted within this industry to date.

Watch this space for more new and innovative ideas – especially the RELEASE OF NEW MODELS in the future. Find more information on their website:

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