Combi oven

2 Dec , 2016 Uncategorized

rational combi ovenCombi oven

As many experiences chefs, you might be overwhelm during the lunch and dinner time. Recently more and more of the chefs have optimized the process of cooking and food preparation. Combi oven is one of the new cooking equipment that support busy restaurant to keep up with the high demand while cooking at the right temperature.  You have to look at thoses to brands in order to get the best commercial ovens: Rational , Unox and Convotherm.

New Combi oven technologies

All the latest commercial combi ovens are coming with a self cleaning technology such as the SCC WE 101 from Rational. You will be also amazed by the heating and steaming technology that comes with the latest Unox and Convotherm ovens such as C4ESD 10.10C and Unox XEVC 1011 E1R.

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